FIRE Session
2009. Aug 8 Sataday – 16 Sunday *Aug 8 to 13 is workshop week.

* The details of October Water Session, and February Sky Session will be announced on our HP and through flyers.

* Program is subject to change. For some events where time and place are not specified, they will be announced at later dates.

Aug 8, Sat

15:00 Fire Session Opening Performance @ Forest stage Wataru Ohkuma (clarinet &chindon-Japanese marching) Min Tanaka (Dance)
17:30 Opening Party: Bring Your Own food and drink!


August 9, Sun - 13,Thu
Workshop "Hearing the history, Exploring the map"
Participantion fee: 5 days all \5000 / 1day \1500
*These workshops are operated by Japanese. ( No translation)
■August 9, Sun 15:00, leader: Kazue Kobata (Art producer), Min Tanaka (Dancer)
■August 10, Mon 15:00, leader: Motoi Tanaka (Jomon researcher)
■August 11, Tue 15:00, leader: Kazue Kobata (Art producer)
■August 12, Wed 15:00, leader: Noriyuki Haraguchi (Artist)
■August 13, Thu 08:00, leader: Min Tanaka (Dancer)

August 9, Sun - 16, Sun
Film Workshop "The forest of Image"
Participantion fee: \20000 (with accommodation)
Leader: Yo Ohta (experimental film artist)
*These workshops are operated by Japanese. ( No translation)

August 13, Thu * 1day pass-A or Free pass

14:00 Dance Yasunari Tamai
16:00 “Song, freed to the field (1)”Mutsumi Hatano(Mezzo-soprano)
18:00 Bon Mukae-bi ( a celebration, welcoming sprits of ancestors)
19:00 ‘Gathering on the eve of the festival’ @ Glass House Organizer: Min Tanaka

August 14, Fri * 1day pass-B or Free pass

09:00 Farming @ Soybean Field This white soybean will be harvested in the middle of October. Then, it is going to be used for Miso making in February. (Please bring long sleeve shirts.)

13:30 Dance Tetsuo Sanari
15:00 Dance Tomomi Tanabe “Hazuki KIngyo-bachi”(August Fishbowl)
17:00 Talk “Festival and Fire of Japan”:Shoji Sasamoto (Historian) @ Glass House.
19:30 Yokote Bon-Odori Festival (Folk dance to express the welcome to the spirits of ancestors) @ the front yard of Yokote Community Center.

August 15, Sat * 1day pass-B or Free pass

09:00 Weeding and Burning grass in the rice field. Talk about “Mushi-Okuri”, a Japanese traditional event of prayer for good harvest.  
The rice plant, sown on April 10, and planted on June 14, during“Soil session”, is blooming around Bon festival. A month later, it will be the harvest time. By the middle of October, fresh rice is ready to be eaten.

14:00 Dance Shiho Ishihara “Etranger of August 15th”
16:00 Dance Ikuya Sakurai
19:00 “Mikawa Tezutsu Fireworks”@ Red Soil stage.
About one meter long bamboo packed by gunpowder is blowing up with held by one. The fire sometimes goes up more than ten meters. See the brave figuer in a sparking fire. Experience the terrific roaring of explosion.

21:00 Tsugaru –jyamisen Chikuzan Takahashi, the second

August 16, Sun * 1day pass-B or Free pass

10:00 Burning grass of “Mushi Okuri”

11:30 “Song, freed to the field (2)” Chikuzan Takahasi, the second (Japanese folk song) @ the levee of rice field (in the mist of “Mushi Okuri”)

12:00 Grand Lunchen ‘Kokoro katari’ by Rokusuke Ei
@ the levee of rice field
Ei gave us pleasant time with wit connected to soil at "Soil session" What does he talk this time? Don't miss it!
14:00 Dance Sakana Ishimaru “Ikire; Kusa-no-fu”(sultriness; book of grass)
16:00 Dance Naoka Uemura
18:00 Cooling ghost story Ichinosuke Syunpootei @Geinou stage
20:00 “Fire/ Performance” Direct: Min Tanaka. Dance: Yasuhiko Takeuchi, Guiter: Kazuo Imai, Countertenor: Seijin Uesugi, and Hi-gumi(Fire Grope)
Dramatic climax decorates the end of the “Fire session”.

Closing Party

● Farming and harvest in summer
The summer vegetables such as the cucumber, the eggplant, the okra, the tomato, the green pepper, the kidney bean, the corns and the potato, etc. are coming to the delicious peek around Bon Festival.
The harvest starts from early morning. If you wish to join us, meet at the chest nut trees at 6:00 am with your long-sleeve shirts, the insect repellent spray, and sports shoes. It is better to wear rain boots. (No sandals)

Noriyuki Haraguchi (artist) will exhibit a part of “Phantom” which was shown in the exhibition “Society and Material” at BankART Studio NYK, Yokohama. (2009)
“Phantom” is the full sides reproduction of the tail part of the fighter air plane, Phantom that has made sortie at the Vietnam war. Please see it in the opeen air .

Children’s camp

Period: 6/12-6/14, 8/1-8/23, 10/16-10/18, mid-February, 2010 (3 days)
Limit: 25
Age: 2nd – 8th grade (open for consultation)
Fee: 2,000 yen per day (room and board included)

Leader: Ryu Tanaka

Contact: ryu_tanaka_tokason(at)
*Please change from (at) to @ mark.
TEL: 090-9334-6493

Children go through experiences living away from their parents. Work with other adults, and play until they get exhausted. With this year’s Dance Hakushu, children will experience farming and playing throughout the whole year. We have prepared a field dedicated for children’s camp. We look forward to meeting you. (We’d like to ask the parents to become supporting members in order to understand the nature of Dance Hakushu.)


Dance Hakushu 2009
Yamanashi Office



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WATER Session
2009. October 16 Friday – 18 Sunday

SOIL Session
2009. June 12 Friday – 14 Sunday