Soil Session
2009. June 12 Friday – 14 Sunday

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June 12, Fri

09:00 Preparation for rice planting ‘bundling of seedling’
Separating the seedlings that are planted in April into small bundles to make rice planting smoother.

13:00 Dance Min Takana, Venue: Soil stage

June 13, Sat

09:00 Preparation for rice planting ‘bundling of seedling’
Continued from the previous day.

13:30 Dance Ikuya Sakurai

15:00 Dance Biyo Kikuchi

17:00 Traditional Korean Folk Music Hwang Suon
A second-generation Korean resident in Japan. Born in Tokyo. Percussionist of Nongak and traditional folk music of Korean Peninsula. Along with his activities of Korean Nongak team, he continues singing on the theme of ‘Korean residents in Japan’ and ‘Labor’. He keeps original live expressions as he works as a plumber in daily life.

20:00 Dance for two ‘One person one body’
Haruhiko Takeuchi & Min Tanaka (Dance)
With self-produced Butoh performances (Series: “Classroom of light and darkness”, “City of gravity”, etc.) at the core, Haruhiko Takeuchi have been participating in a number of national festivals, international performances, and self-produced works.
He will perform with Min Tanaka who has been his long-time friend.

June 14, Sun

08:00 Rice field Drumming Takahiro Yoshida (ZA ONDEKOZA)
Min Tanaka (Dance)
@Rice field
The morning of rice planting arrives. A ‘go’ command will be sent to the rice fields with the sound of Taiko drumming and dance.

09:00 Rice planting
Following the traditional method, we’ll stand on one line and start planting seedlings with hands. Battle with the mud. Precious time to experience the planting through the whole body.

11:00 Korean Nongak Korean Nongak team ‘Keguri’ @ Rice fields
Traditional folk art ‘Nongak’ from Korea. It is performed as a prayer for good harvest or at the festival to celebrate abundant crop. It is sometimes performed to heal the fatigue from work. The rhythm of percussion entices the body to dance.

12:00 Grand Lunchen ‘Kokoro katari’ by Rokusuke Ei
Listener: Min Tanaka
@ Rice field
Lunch will be shared at rice field after the farm work in the morning. Relax and enjoy the talk by Rokusuke Ei under the blue sky.

15:00 Dance Tetsuo Sanari “Between Earth and Sky”

16:30 Dance Naoka Uemura

18:00 ZA ONDEKOZA performance “WindCanal” @ Forest stage

Children’s camp

Period: 6/12-6/14, 8/1-8/23, 10/16-10/18, mid-February, 2010 (3 days)
Limit: 25
Age: 2nd – 8th grade (open for consultation)
Fee: 2,000 yen per day (room and board included)

Leader: Ryu Tanaka

Contact: ryu_tanaka_tokason(at)
*Please change from (at) to @ mark.
TEL: 090-9334-6493

Children go through experiences living away from their parents. Work with other adults, and play until they get exhausted. With this year’s Dance Hakushu, children will experience farming and playing throughout the whole year. We have prepared a field dedicated for children’s camp. We look forward to meeting you. (We’d like to ask the parents to become supporting members in order to understand the nature of Dance Hakushu.)


Dance Hakushu 2009
Yamanashi Office



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WATER Session
2009. October 16 Friday – 18 Sunday

FIRE Session
2009. Aug 8 Sataday – 16 Sunday