Dance Hakushu 2008
Theme: Origin as Life

August 8 Fri - 18 Mon, 2008
Venues: Hakushu, Hokuto City, Yamanashi, 2 and half-hour-trip from Shinjuku, Central Tokyo, by train or car/bus

Artistic Director and On-Site Chief: Min Tanaka

Presented by: Dance Hakushu Executive Committee
Co-sponsored by: Dance Resources on Earth, Hokuto City (tentative)
With support from: Japan Arts Council, The Nomura Cultural Foundation, and others
With the cooperation of: Suntory Limited (tentative), others

Japan Arts Councilü@The Nomura Cultural Foundation



Yamanashi Office (till Aug 7)
64 Kamiashizawa, Kai-shi,
Yamanashi-ken, Japan 400-1121
Tel: (055) 277-0071 Fax: (055) 5340-3861

Hakushu On-Site Office (August 8-18 fest period)
81 Daibo, Hakushu-cho, Hokuto-shi
Yamanashi-ken, Japan 408-0314
Tel: (0551) 35-4242 Fax: (0551) 35-3130

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