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icon01 solo dance
icon2 evening performance
icon03 workshop
*solo dance time and place shall be announced on our HP and/or on the day concerned, unless already decided and noted below. Each dance perf will be followed by a talk with professional critics, dancers and audience.

[Open-Air Art Installations] by Noriyuki Haraguchi & Kazuo Kenmochi.
[Construction Brigade] engaged in making functional and philosophical facilities.
[Classes] Origin as Life Classes on Aug 12, 14, 16: seminar and activities. Class leader is Min Tanaka, dancer-farmer and On-Site Chief of this festival. He will invite experts of History, Life Science, Natural History, etc. to learn about the Planet's and human origin. Participation by reservation for some fees.


icon2 18:00@Forest Stage, Folk Stage, Chestnut Grove <Opening Event>
Aki Takahashi (piano), Shumputei Seicho (Rakugo), Monkey Show.
concurrently@Underground Cinema Film Show <Dance Hakushu 2005>